Friday, January 18, 2013

A thought for the wild man

So i had some thoughts bouncing in my head

a pound of muscle is 100g of protein and mostly water.. a quote from Mark Rippetoe: "strength is expensive, and your body doesn't throw away expensive things lightly." and a combination of bush craft and survival videos leading me to an internal conversation about how much do we really need to eat to be and stay strong.

if you eat along the primal blueprint or paleo, fat becomes the main energy source and your body becomes adapted to burning fat easier i.e. from food or your storage, and protein is used for what protein is used for, natural processes and muscle synthesis. now if we're not trying to get super huge then you dont need to eat more, and as Mark Rippetoe says in an article of his: "conditioning is a scam" strength athletes trying to gain only strength need to eat only to meet their natural and exercise energy expenditures, but those also or primarily wanting to gain mass need to eat more to maintain and increase mass. so by this  and some other knowledge i've picked up, you can be super strong, not quite as large, and support your size on a very minimalist diet, i.e. (wild man survivalist, intermittent fasting, etc.) and still get stronger, because never in the history of our world (to our knowledge *insert x-files music here*) has any civilization had access to as much food as we've had so they had to make due with much less and many were uncommonly strong especially among the general populace of today in comparison and all on modest diets.

so enough beating around the bush, all of this was sort of a way to talk myself into reaching a conclusion, and mostly pertinent only to my own personal goals, some of which others may relate to:
  • get strong
  • get dense
  • THRIVE with a LOT less food
and in my current experience, the results kept coming even when i ate VERY minimally, so a human surviving in the wilds on very little food (depending on the catch of the day) could do very well in the strength department even with a minimalist diet as long as they're eating animals and not being a picky vegetarian in the midst of an apocalypse or something.

if you missed a general point for this article dont stress it, this is just my brain puking out information and trying to write it down before i forget.

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