Tuesday, January 15, 2013

animals and biological goop

A recent shooting in my town and the crazy actions that occur all throughout the world led me to another string of interesting thoughts, we humans ARE animals. that's not a negative thing or accusation  its a simple statement of fact, we are animals. and just like any other animal we fight, have urges, and natural biological functions. we fight and kill but society makes this out to be the mother of all sins (sin is a human concept too), and why? because we believe our intelligence, our consciousness  our individuality is more valuable than any shape or form of it we see in any other animal, and yet we brazenly kill animals for food (dont start praising me yet vegans, i have eggs and bacon erry day) the fact of the matter is, life is pain, suffering and death, and we're all here to fuck, that's the gist of it, now that's not all life is, is it? and that's not all we are is it? sex drives everything in our world, either through the flaunting of it, the repression of it or the drive FOR it. but in society its shoved in our faces, DO IT DO IT, but the actual practice takes such an undertone, its hidden, put away into our little box houses where no one should see or hear lest we feel ashamed for our natural urges, instincts and practices. dogs just go at it where ever, they dont give a shit, cause if they did they'd just stop and smell it. We flaunt sexuality like leaves on trees but all the acts and dysfunction occur in the roots where people cant see.

We humans are animals, but we like to think we're not, we like to think we're civilized and cultured, and proper and pure, but we're not.

And where does this desire to not give in to instinct and impulse lead us? to civilization where everything is pure, clean, white, sterile, and wrapped in plastic. And here's the kicker, we are biological beings, a shocker i know, but the facts are here, we are biological beings, we're masses of ooey gooey sticky and wet parts held together in a skin sack with bones and muscles to move us around, WE ARE FLESH. but what we delude ourselves into thinking is that the mind is more important than the flesh but what we also forget is that the mind is a slave to the flesh for the mind IS flesh as well. scientifically the soul is just the mass of connections of your neurons and their electrical impulses i wont get into the nature v.s. nurture or evolution v.s. creationism crap because frankly i don't care and i have my own beliefs. but what im getting at is, you need to realize that things don't have to be clean, white, and sterile, in fact its bad for you, fresh air with the smell of trees in a forest has more fresh air than urban environments and is better for your health than the shit being sprayed on you by planes sent by our government. wild food in all of its "dangerous" qualities are healthier for you than the cleaned, packaged, sterilized, pasteurized  homogenized, hydrogenated food our government feeds us, in fact when was the last time you gazed up at the stars in wonder, in fact when was the last time you saw the stars, kinda hard to see with all the light pollution. 

my challenge to all of you is to try to take a more active role in reveling and celebrating your animalistic and biological nature, climb a tree, nap under the sun, dig a hole with your bare hands, walk barefoot, go look at the night sky, quit being prudish and shy and make love like hippies, because whether you think so or not, YOU and more importantly, YOUR BODY, KNOWS YOU WANNA.

go LIVE, and get out from under your mental repression.

p.s. none of this is related to my professional life this is all private opinions and observations, to construe something out of this about my professional life would make you an idiot.

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