Friday, January 25, 2013

resistance is resistance, its all gravity folks

Resistance is resistance folks

Many of you may not have heard this or have thought of it but it really doesnt matter what you lift or how much. if a big 500lb man can struggle through and squat 1200lbs but you barely push through for a 1 rep max at 200lbs it doesn't matter, maximum effort, for you, that was all your output against the mass under gravity.

The whole reason why training and exercise works is because we're eliciting a growth response to handle abnormal loads under the weight of gravity, no gravity, no load, no muscle. this is why astronauts muscles and bone atrophy and waste away in space after long periods, we THRIVE on gravity and the "good stress" it provides.

Humans are naturally lazy, im not insulting the human race, its just that we're hard wired to take the path of least resistance (all you parkour people see what i did there?) the only reason why we're all so much fatter, sicker, and deconditioned while still taking the path of least resistance is..... drum roll please.... LIFE IS EASIER, you dont have to sprint to get away from a tiger, you dont have to lift a heavy rock out of a cave entrance to acquire shelter, climb trees for your food, or in most cases plant your own freakin crops. life is easier therefor the "stress" is lighter and the growth and strength response is less.

If you cant do a pushup on your toes, you probably dont have a high bench press, if you can do a lot of pushups you can probably bust out a lot of reps with the bench press at a certain weight, if you can do a few pushups with a heavy person laying on your back you probably have a decent 1 rep max on bench press. now, not all things correlate this easily but for the demonstrative purposes im using the bench press. The fact of the matter is, resistance is resistance, and causes a growth and strength response (if training methodologies are correct) which makes your body stronger and because of this gravity is your best friend, because thanks to gravity you can do progressive calisthenics, you can do weight lifting, kettlebells, gymnastics, parkour, what ever you want, and you can receive benefits from these activities because they provide a "good stress" response on your body because, repeat it after me, RESISTANCE IS RESISTANCE. so stop focusing on one discipline and cross train, quit sacrificing your form to put up more weight on say.... THE BENCH PRESS and try other modalities, try pushups, try ring pushups, try planche pushups, try weighted ring dips with a resistance band pulling you down too, get creative and quit focusing on weights and even exercises, if you receive a gain in strength, size, what ever your goal is, DO IT (as long as it doesn't harm you). The whole point is, do what serves your ends to make you reach your goals in a safe manner.

and dont forget to train hard.


  1. Sweet post ... Negatives are gravity as well. But hard core lifting requires, cardio back up...Growth through response. Love it!..

    Mike @ Fitness Works - Fitness Centers

    1. Depends on how you look at cardio. I don't even like the word, honestly. CONDITIONING, yes. That is important. Cardio, to most people (most likely including you) is slogging away at a long, slow distance on a treadmill. This does little to improve strength gain. Short, intense conditioning is more effective and maintains strength and size. I do agree that you need cardiorespiratory efficiency though. I've seen too many powerlifters need 20-30 minutes recovery time just to catch their breath after their third attempt.

  2. Well said, quick intense interval training. Or Intense Conditioning. I saw you were involved in our fitness community :) Do you have a way I can contact you? Send your info. to me through this form below:

    Attention: Mike