Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Nice Guy" syndrome

Enough pussyfooting, gonna be frank here, you're not a "nice guy" who finishes last, you're a little wuss that whines first.

Women dont date those "douschebags" because they like douschebags, they date them because they express qualities that YOU dont. and the only reason you label them "douschebags" is because you're too much of a wussy to be a man and do something about the situation.

you see modern day society has lost the emphasis on manliness, true femininity, and strength. women should be strong too. opening your pickle jars? OPEN THEM YOURSELF WOMAN. The fact of the matter is women are attracted to strong, assertive, dominant, alpha male types. as with any generalization there are exceptions many people are wired differently but the majority leans thus. Men are attracted to strong women with a nice ass if not your perception is skewed by the media and you need to read THIS ARTICLE and reevaluate your views. The media has conditioned us to be these look good, 3% bodyfat skinny twig motherfuckers. no one cares about being strong and capable anymore just looking good. makes me sick.

ladies, why look like a twig and depend on a man for everything that requires even an ounce of strength? you can and should be strong and capable too, not to mention DAT BOOTY. get off your damn cardio machines and go squat and deadlift. bare minimum go lift heavy. and trust me you'll get amazing results.

now boys its time to stop being little pansies and time to start being men. quit focusing on those perfectly defined abs and start focusing on being strong and capable in as many capacities as you can, be able to defend your woman should a threat confront you, lest she do it for you and embarrass you. (though props to the girl for handling herself and not depending on the man).

so back to the main point, the media has skewed our perception on what is attractive and what is desirable the fact of the matter is all we see are looks we want those looks and work for those looks and yes, some achieve them. but would you rather look good, or be super humanly strong and look good at the same time? Women dig MEN not these little pansy boys, and men dig WOMEN not these little stick figure girls who do anything to be paper thin. Women should and CAN be strong, but "weak men demand that women be weak as well". and just like White supremacy its becomes so ingrained in women that they need to be weaker than men or thin, or small. there is not much of anything attractive about a tiny little human being all defenseless and needing help to do anything. the exception is an infant.... who probably has a better squat form than you.

So just to beat the dead horse into a puddle of jello. BE STRONG, your gender is irrelevant, there is no conceivable reason you cannot be strong and the best part? IT MAKES YOU HEALTHIER. don't have time? MAKE TIME. reevaluate your priorities. stop watching your damn soap operas, get off facebook for a while, go to your fucking local gym, AND LIFT.

So fucking tired of people being sensitive little shits about everything, treating everyone with soft padded gloves, and tip toeing around things. you're not fat because of genetics, you're fat because you eat your problems, you developed bad habits  or simply, you eat too fucking much shit food.. quite blaming others for the faults in yourself.

Take some fucking responsibility, take some initiative, get strong, become capable, quit letting gender roles define you (ladies), go out and be the best you can be, or at least quit whining about how no one likes you, no one likes a little wuss anyways.

*EDIT also this: great comic


  1. Well said! I hate scrawny guys. The more manly looking, the more attractive. I'm a strong woman and I can do things for myself. So many valid points. - Reenie c:

  2. Modern man, in general, is half the man his grandfathers were. Women used to also be strong and capable. Now you have men in skinny jeans, worried about having chiseled abs and dumping money on the latest supplements instead of GETTING IN THE FUCKING RACK AND DOING SOME FUCKING WORK. The day of the alpha male is almost gone, and I am ashamed at how few of us there are left...