Monday, January 21, 2013

fit women, motivation, and workouts

"women's fitness, how we can get motivated, challenging workouts, etc?"

"Women's fitness"

Here is another thing i think the fitness industry has done horribly wrong (though being an INDUSTRY can you really blame it for simply following the profit?) "women's fitness" is no different than mens. fitness is fitness an exercise is the same for both genders the only difference is the difference that all humans share no matter the gender, ethnicity, background, etc; WE'RE ALL DIFFERENT, the only reason i believe the fitness industry made the whole "women's niche" is of course for the marketing options, all these zumba classes, pink dumbells, and specialized clothing that makes one feel more athletic before actually doing anything, "im gonna start being athletic and lose this weight blah blah blah starting new years", buy the merch and feel fulfilled and end up giving up before you even start. and of course there's the whole "conspiracy" (dont let that connote negative ideas) that the government doesn't want strong Americans because they would have power. but i digress, the separation of genders has led to a decrease is the strength of women, as LBEB stated in this article, weak men absolutely demand that a woman stays weak as well, there's no reason women cant be strong the only thing that needs to change is most training methods that MOST (notice it says most not ALL) women employ are flawed, each individual is different so im not going to spew a cookie cutter workout but you should seek evaluation and work on an actual routine built for you and progress into your strength. YES because women lack the levels of testosterone that men have and YES that does make upper body strength and muscle gain a bit slower but hey! if it wasn't a challenge you wouldn't be stronger because of it!

One thing i will say to you ladies is this: GET. OFF. THE. CARDIO. MACHINES. freakin hell just stop, if asked ill make an article explaining the multitude of reasons that cardio machines should be avoided at all costs but for the sake of  the readers ill stay on topic. Women have more raw ability for gaining leg strength and mass than men do (to a point) simply stated, women, if you're not squatting and deadlifting:

Fat cat judges your lifts

Just because testosterone implies masculinity in the minds of all who hear it, doesn't make it a hormone specifically reserved for men. both genders have amounts of both hormones, but women can make damn good use of increased testosterone through NATURAL methods, i.e. lifting heavy and eating testosterone boosting foods. NO you wont get bulky, NO you wont look like a man, and i swear if i hear you say the word toned i'll throw some 45 plates at you. Another thing you can do to maximize natural testosterone secretion is to eat lots of animal food products and eggs (cholesterol helps boost testosterone production)[1] and avoid soy like the plague because soy in its non fermented forms (including tofu in this instance because american tofu is still terrible) is highly estrogenic and YES that's a bad thing. higher than necessary levels of estrogen in females causes higher levels of fat accumulation in the obvious areas, potential increase in breast cancer and a whole slew of bad things[2] so now that we're established that through natural methods and means Estrogen < testosterone is preferred for health, vitality, strength, and longevity. NOW ONWARD!


i dont have much to say on motivation besides this: if it's not intrinsic, you'll eventually give up, quit, or not work as hard as you should, for a better grasp of what i mean watch this:

Challenging workouts

good stuff, do them, if you wanted an idea from me i'd have to evaluate you, your imbalances, your goals, and your current level of athletic ability, i don't hand out cookie cutters, all i can say though is if you're not squatting and dead lifting you're doing it wrong, "it" being fitness. 


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